Top 3 Tips For Moving Into Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. So today I want to share with you my top 3 tips for planning on moving into your new space, and they are things that you can do before you get there to make our moving day easier.

So number one as declutter while you’re packing.  Get rid of all the things that you don’t need while you’re packing.  Don’t take them with you into your new house. It will make it feel fresher and brighter and better just by doing that.

Two, do you need to paint, replace floors or add any crown molding?  Anything to the shell of the house before you get there. It’s a lot easier to do it before you move then it is to do it when you already have your stuff in place.  So get the floors out and get them replaced before you move in. That way you don’t have to worry about all the dust, you won’t have to worry about all the noise, and it’s a lot, so do it beforehand.

Also, paint, it is a lot easier to paint an empty room than it is a room full of furniture and you will have to worry about the paint fumes because they will be gone by the time you move in.

And don’t forget Crown molding. If you don’t have it in rooms it makes a really big difference and it’s a little detail with a lot of people do kind of forget about and not notice, but when they actually do install it they’re amazed how it really elevates the room.

So, number three is have furniture plan in place. Take measurements of all the furniture that you plan to keep.  Take measurements of the new rooms and have a furniture plan. Lay it out and know where things are going to go ahead of time, especially for big things.  That way your movers are the ones moving the furniture for you and not you and your husband and your frantically looking around trying to find a neighbor to help you because you didn’t have a plan before you moved in.

So top 3 things declutter while you’re packing. Paint, flooring, and crown molding before you move in and have a furniture plan ready to go for the movers when you get there on moving day

If you need help with this, we have a 2-hour consultation that we can come in, we can walk a new house with you,  we can walk through your existing house with you, we can help you with a furniture plan and placement,we can help you with color schemes, we can help you select the new floors.  Anyway, I hope this helps you and I hope this gives you a game plan for moving into your new home.

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