How To Use Florals To Solve Design Challenges

So it is common to think of using florals on your dining room table, on your coffee table, maybe on a plant stand, or on a column in a corner to put them in a niche. Those are all very common uses and expected uses of using florals. However, today I wanted to talk to you about florals being used as a design tool.

We have a client to who has a powder room all of her kitchen that is very odd shaped. Her whole house is kind of built on angles so it fits the house to a degree but it’s a very angular bathroom so you walk in and the vanity is kind of like a triangular shape.  And then you come over and is another triangular corner before you get the door again so it’s full of angles.

And one of the challenges is really how to soften that bathroom and to make it feel more inviting, less hard, and less rough around the edges because of all the hard angles in the bathroom.

Because of the mirror, and because the vanity is sort of a triangle shape, not even a triangle,  maybe a rhombus. I don’t know, I’m not really good at all those geometric shapes.

So you walk the vanity and it’s got a very narrow mirrored wall right as you stand in front of the vanity, in front of the sink and then you’ve got a big angle over on the side and you have a wall on this side so you have 1,2,3 walls and have a mirror here and a mirror here.  And really we couldn’t get rid of one or the other of the mirrors because then it would look odd without the other mirror but then having both mirrors was kind of too much.

It was too much going on, too many of your own reflections coming at you, reflecting too many of the different angles already back at you in the room again.

So one of the things that we are going to do in that bathroom to help soften all those angles and also give the person at the vanity a focal point is we put an orchid right there in front of the sink, in front of that narrow mirror.  And so what that does is it helps soften the angles, it helps to camouflage the reflection of the other mirrors coming at you, behind you for the rest of the space, and also camouflagers you when you’re standing at the vanity from having two different reflections standing back at you.

So we as designers not only use our florals as something pretty but also their really handy tools to kind of keep in your toolbox in case you run into a challenge for you maybe have too many angles and you need to soften them, maybe you have a viewpoint or vantage point that you can’t put a wall, you can’t put a screen but you want to block it off, try a floral.

So yeah, florals are more than just a pretty face so to speak, they could be a very valuable design tool in your arsenal.

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