How Do I Know If I Want 2cm or 3cm For My Countertops

So you're standing in the middle of a stone yard or warehouse, sent by your contractor to go look for countertops for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. There you are, you're already overwhelmed because there are rows and rows of stone slabs.

Do you want marble, quartzite, do you want granite, soapstone, what color do you want, what grade do you want.  All of those questions and all those are legitimate questions.

Today though, I’m gonna talk about 2CM or 3CM because usually you’ll know if you’re looking for granite, or marble, or quartzite.

So they’re looking for say a granite. One of the first things that they’re going to ask you is do you want 2CM or 3CM, and your like, I don’t know what is a 2CM and what is a 3CM.

I remember the first time they asked that question and I looked at them like they had lost their minds, they have grown three heads and like I don’t know, what does that mean?

And usually your contractor isn’t gonna send you looking and telling you to what that is, so it is really pretty simple and not a big deal

Your contractor or your cabinet maker may know before you get there how they have specs your cabinets.  So what that means is it’s the thickness of the slab so 2CM is not going to be as thick as a 3CM. Where that comes into play, is if you select a 2CM then that means that your fabricator or the person who makes your countertops is going to have to build decking on your counter on your cabinets prior to installing your countertops because they have to be able to support that countertop and may need that thickness.

So what it also means is if you want, say a rounded bull nosed edge, or you want that nice rich, fuller looking edge that most of your kitchens and bathrooms when you’re looking through the magazines have, that has that thicker edge so with a 2CM they’re going to have to have more material to cut off another strip that they can then adhere onto the top layer of the countertop to give you that thicker edge.

So one it means a little bit more material, and that also means that you’re going to have to have decking on the bottom.

with your 3CM, 3CM is more expensive than your 2CM however you don’t have to have decking, and you don’t need that extra thickness built on to the edge to make it have that big, nice, full ridge look.

So even though 3CM is more expensive than the to CM, once you add in the other costs it really kind of balances out.

So kind than 2 factors that come into play for me are, one,  if your cabinet maker has already given you a quote for the cabinets and they quote them as a not having any checking on them. Or if your fabricator has said this is how much it’s gonna cost but they don’t include decking then there are including it being a 3CM product so they don’t have to build.

A lot of times, I am going to be honest with you, they’re not going to tell you their just going to say go look.

What I do, is I look at both the 2CM and 3CM because each bundle of slab of stone which your looking at is going to be different then the next one so they could get in a bundle of the 2CM and they could get a bundle in of the 3CM and they’re gonna probably come from either different places in the quarry that they’ve gotten the stone from or even different quarries so will be different colors will have different characteristics.

So what I recommend is you look at both the 2CM and the 3CM and you decide which stone you like better and your fabricator or your cabinet maker can then make the adjustments and work with it.
There you go, 2CM or 3CM.  If you have any more questions you can message me and I would be happy to help you

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