How To Get Started With An Interior Designer On A Budget – Part II

So I had another client I was talking to yesterday on the phone and she also said to me, “I'm so nervous about talking to a designer. I don't know if I can work with a designer. I'm scared I can’t afford it. I'm scared my husband's going to freak out.”

So today I wanted to come on, and we talked last week about the 2-hour design consultation and let’s talk about our Designer For A Day. It’s another source or service we have that helps to kind of bridge the gap between just 2 hours of time and a full-service project.

So you might be somebody who is working on a bathroom remodel or a kitchen remodel, maybe you have company coming in for a graduation party or a wedding coming up, and you have that room that you need help with.

You need help with surfaces, you need help with paint, with plumbing, you don’t know how to pull it all together but you don’t necessarily really need someone to do the whole project for you.

So that’s where Designer For A Day can come in. So it’s basically a 6 hour day where we can meet you at Ferguson’s say for instance or a Pro Source and we can help you knock out all of your finishes that you need for your remodel project you’re working on.  

Or we can come in, have a consultation, say one day the week prior to the Designer For A Day and talk about what you want, if you have guests coming for a wedding, and say you have your living room or a guest room, and is just not up to par and you need help but you don’t know what to do, you just need to spruce it up some. We can come in, make a list of things to buy, then we come in as a Designer For A Day, and we bring a handyman in with us, and we can help finish that room for you as well.

So Designer For A Day can encompass sort of that client who needs some help but doesn’t necessarily need the full service. So again, it makes it a little bit more approachable.

If you have any questions about that give us a call.  We would love to answer some more questions for you and I hope that helps you kind of understand that, yes a designer is a luxury service, but you can get your hands on that service and still have it be a little bit more affordable for you.

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