Design Consultations

Complimentary Discovery Call

An information filled 15 minute session via phone, where we will discuss your project; provide you with an overview of the design process; how we charge our design fee; What a reasonable budget should be; the expected time frame; and answers to any other questions you may have. The Discovery Call is an opportunity for us to see if we are a good fit for each other. Book your session now!


Design By Email – A Quick Email Q&A

Do you have a design dilemma?

Let us help! Design by Email offers a quick design solution for those who need help with a specific problem in their home that can be done via a quick email Q&A (no phone calls or skype, and no more than 2 brief emails).  We will help with one specific design question you have and the client provides up to 5 photos of the area in question.  For example:

  • What to do with a blank wall
  • Help with a furniture arrangement
  • An area of the kitchen that needs updating
  • What to do with the area above your kitchen cabinets
  • Help with a paint color


2 Hr Design Consultation

This consultation provides you value by saving you time, money, and frustration.  It is designed to give you a specific design direction and answer questions about your space.

This is best for the client who is seeking the “designer’s eye” to help guide them with making decisions to create a cohesive design concept.  Each consultation includes some or all of the following, depending on the individual needs of your project:

  • A walk through of your home to discuss each room’s function, the existing furniture pieces, and new furniture recommendations
  • Getting to know your needs through questions and answers
  • Defining the budget
  • Color selections
  • Up to 2 hours of intensive and custom ideas based on your home
  • Recommended furniture layout
  • Window Treatment ideas
  • Lighting ideas
  • Styling tips and ideas for vignettes


2 Hr Design Styling

This service is created to help a client finish off an existing room – maybe you have moved into a house and have furniture, but not enough for the room or it needs those finishing touches – maybe some wall décor, lamps, a side chair and some accessories, your bookcases need some help, or your room is simply lacking your personality and needs some additions to add your style to the room!

This service starts with a one-hour project consultation for $150.00.  We tour your space and discuss your needs and design vision, review our design process and terms of the Letter of Agreement.  The projects design fees are charged at flat fee rates based on $150.00/hr.

Are you ready to get started?  We will be happy to contact you as soon as possible to confirm your appointment, discuss your project further, as well as to discuss how we work so you will know what to expect during the process.

*Design Styling is not as detailed a process as our full-service design package, but the design process does loosely follow the same guidelines.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Blocks of Design Time

Now you can purchase 5 hour blocks of design time.  This service is created to help bridge the gap between the client that just needs a couple hours and the full service design client. 

5 hrs - $750.00

Room Packages

Our Room Packages are a great way to enlist the help of a professional Interior Designer if you are on a budget but still want great style. They are a great way to decorate in stages – one room at a time at your own pace, or if you are a DIY-er at heart and enjoy managing your own design project.  Room Packages are a great way to take advantage of working with our team, for a fraction of the cost of our full-service design projects. You get a comprehensive design plan that you can manage on your own

We will give you everything you need to know to create a stunning result, including a furniture plan, color palette, a shopping list with direct clickable links, and thorough instructions for turning your dream interior into a reality.

Ready to get started?  Learn more about how our Room Packages work, what you can expect, and how to get your project started!

Let us know if you have any questions.

Full Service Interior Design

Our full-service design projects are for the busy person who wants a beautifully designed home without having to deal with every detail themselves. Our goal is to create a customer experience built on trust, so we can implement your project and get you settled in your new space as soon as possible and save you time, money, and stress along the way.

The process starts with a design consultation up to 2 hour for $450.00  During this consultation, we get acquainted and learn your needs and desires for the project.  We tour the areas of your home that need to be decorated or renovated as well as any other spaces that may  impact the project.  We will also review the budget and expectations and review our design process and terms of the Letter of Agreement.  The project design fee is billed at a flat fee rate which is based on $150/hr.

Next, we will give you your very own private, personalized, password protected page on our website where we will invite you to complete our Design Questionaire. This is also where we will post the Letter of Agreement within 1-3 business days.

Are you ready to get started?  We will be happy to contact you as soon as possible to confirm your appointment, discuss your project further, as well as to discuss our design process so you will know what to expect during the your project.

Let us know if you have any questions.


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