Terravista Interior Design Group can save you time, money, and stress, and provide you with access to Houston’s leading contractors, vendors, and suppliers.  We can help you resolve your biggest interior design challenges.

Our fees are based off the scope of work and we do offer a simple flat design fee for projects where applicable with a cost plus 20% on purchases.  We also work on an hourly and cost plus options.

Come with a time frame and budget in mind, along with Pinterest images, magazine clippings and photos of decors, items, and or places that appeal to you.

You have hired a designer to design and complete a concept just for you and your space.  If you have found something that you absolutely love, call us first and we can discuss the piece and see if we can find a way to incorporate it into the design.

We are here to serve you and provide a home you love.  Please bring it to our attention if you have any reservations about an item that has been proposed for your space.   

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