Step 1 – Consultation

We meet with you in your home for a collaborative client and designer interview.  We will discuss details such as your goals for the space, your design aesthetic, how you will be using the space, what inspires you, your time-frame for completion, and your budget.  All of this allows us to develop the correct design direction for your project.  We will also review the terms of our Letter of Agreement which you will sign later.

Step 2 – Letter of Agreement

We outline the scope of work for the entire project, our design intent and goals, the fee for the Concept and Design Phases, when the fee payments are due during the project, the estimated timeline, and the terms and conditions. When the Letter of Agreement is approved and the advance on the Concept and Design Fee Phase fee is received, this signals the start of the project.

Step 3 -Site Measure And Planning Day

This is where we invite all the members of our team that will be involved in the process for a site visit to discuss the project scope and to take necessary measurements and photos.

Step 4 – Concept Development

This is where we take the time to plan your project. We start with a design concept which will be  developed through renderings, sketches, elevations, and color schemes. During this step we are communicating with our team to gather estimates and quotes for their scope of work. An initial budget is also developed during this step.

Step 5 – Presentation

This is where we meet with you to go over the details of your custom design plan. We will present you with drawings, color scheme, mood board, fabric samples, furniture selections and budget breakdown including estimated costs for any work by our trades and artisans. One revision is included and must be requested at this meeting. This is when the balance of our design fee is due.

A final presentation meeting is sometimes needed if revisions were requested. This involves all the approved elements from the original presentation, plus any new elements that were agreed upon and any revisions requested.  The final presentation includes working drawings, color scheme, all furnishings, fabric memos and detailed budget breakdown – item by item. It will all be laid out for you so that you will be able to visualize what the finished space will look like. Any adjustments to the budget due to revisions are agreed upon at this meeting.

From here we move to Phase II – Procurement and Project Administration.  For this phase, a  Purchasing Agreement is also signed by designer and client which outlines the $85 /hr fees for project administration and procurement.

Step 6 – Initiation Of Construction/Procurement & Project Administration

This step is where we initiate our agreed upon role in any construction or renovation included in your project. This usually means that we are collaborating with builders, vendors, fabricators and other contractors, and making the necessary site visits to ensure a successful process and completion.

In this step we also create all purchase orders, track orders, assess lead times, note any back-orders or discontinued items that may delay the project, and make decisions whether or not to re-select. During this time, we make sure that the projected timeline is adhered to by all vendors.

Step 7 – Receipt of Orders and Initial Installations

This is where all items we ordered are received at our warehouse, inspected for damages, tagged and stored for the big installation day. Claims and reorders are made for any items that arrive damaged. We prefer to install on one day instead of several different deliveries arriving onsite, however, some custom items like window treatments will be installed prior to the big day. If there are any outstanding project balances, they are required prior to installation.

Step 8 –  Installation Day/ Reveal Day/Walk Through

This is the big day when items are installed and the room is styled for a beautiful, one-of-a-kind space.

We will walk through the finished space and point out all the features and benefits of each item, discuss how to care for each piece and any warranties available (if any). There will be outstanding invoices from delivery companies, cleaning service, etc which we will present to you at the Client Closure Meeting.

The walk-through may happen on the same day of the reveal or on a separate day.  Although we strive for perfection, mistakes can happen.  During this time, clients get a chance to point out any deficiencies observed; items that could have easily been missed during the exciting moment of the reveal.

Step 9 – Resolving Deficiencies

We coordinate with the workroom, contractor, subcontractor, or vendor involved to resolve any deficiencies within 14 business days. Thankfully, this step is not needed in most cases, but we make sure that you will be happy with your finished space.

Step 10 – Final Closing Meeting & Photography

At the Final Closing Meeting, we meet to close out the file for the project and where we present you with the final invoice. We make sure that you are completely satisfied with your new space.

We will also graciously ask for any feedback, reviews and referrals, and discuss any additional projects you would like to move forward with.

We will also discuss a convenient day for us to schedule a professional photographer to shoot pictures of the project. If we intend to have these pictures published in a local or national publication, we will discuss that with you and determine if you want your name disclosed or not.

Our process is designed to save you time, money, and stress.  We take care of all the details for you for a turn-key design.