You don’t have to have a frilly decorating style to have a romantic master bedroom.  Whether you are starting all over, or just want to add some new touches to spice it up, here are 10 elements that will raise the amorous level of your bedroom.

Poster Bed

I just love a beautiful poster bed, and they add instant romance to any bedroom.  For an added bonus, add some fabric draping down, and you have your very own hide away from the world.


I live in Texas and convincing people to take down their ceiling fan in favor of a beautiful chandelier can be like pulling teeth.  But, it makes such a big difference in your bedroom.  That extra sparkle in the air is beautiful.

Tip: Get a floor fan to cool down your room at night.  Best of both worlds. 🙂


 Blush and Chocolate

You can make your bedroom blush. The color Blush is a soft, subtle pink that adds a little femininity without going overboard, especially when paired more masculine colors like chocolate brown.  Mmmmm chocolate and blush – what could be more romantic.


Animal Print

Sometimes romance is a little Tarzan, and Jane and what can evoke those feelings better than some animal print.  You can add it with some throw pillows on your bed or an upholstered bench at the foot of your bed.


A mirrored piece of furniture or accessory adds a splash of glamour to your bedroom.  I think mirrored furnishings just feels romantic.  Try it in a lamp or nightstand.

Upholstered Tufted Bed

A tufted headboard is feminine and romantic.  The luxurious feeling of tufted bed beckons you to it, don’t you think?  So, what could could be more passionate than a bed you can’t wait to climb into.

Fur Throw

Fur throws can add a layer of cozy flirtation to you bedroom.  Throw it over the foot of your bed for a bonus layer of luxe.



One of my dreams is to have a fireplace in my bedroom.  How many romantic scenes include a fireplace in the background?


While the ultimate may be a fireplace in your  master bedroom, candles are definitely a must for romance and fit any design budget!

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Image via, Design Jesse D. Miller



Last, but most important is lighting.  It is key to the ambiance of any room.   It won’t matter how many romantic elements you add to your bedroom if it only has to two light levels – full on or full off.  You need to have the ability to control the level of lighting in your space, and it is so easy to fix.  All you need to use are 3 way bulbs in your lamps and put your ceiling fixtures on a dimmer.  Done!

I hope we gave you some inspiration for how to turn up the romance factor in your bedroom.  If you need help to create the bedroom of your dreams, give us a call for our free 15 minute consultation, and we can explore which of our design services is right for you. 🙂