Re-Gospel Yourself

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Today is Sunday.  A phrase that I heard this morning was Re – Gospel Yourself and it hit home hard.

Our series at church  is about being more JoyFul in our lives, and today in particular was about how no matter our circumstances, we will always have joy if we have God in our hearts. We were reminded that if we get lost or forget, that we only need to Re-Gospel ourselves and remember that He is always there and he wastes no opportunity in our lives to spread the Good News and show us He is there and has a plan.

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Phillippians 1:12 – “And I want you to now my dear brothers and sisters, that everything that has happened to me hear has helped to spread the Good New. “

I have been struggling lately with not letting myself fall into a depression. We have had a lot going in our lives that have been very stressful.  My husband’s company went through some restructuring and he is now looking for a new job. It has left me feeling very scared and unsafe, and I am very worried about the cost of insurance because of our daughter Megan, who has Down Syndrome. But I have not wanted to let on how stressed I am because I want to be supportive and positive for Barry. Today’s message reminded me that God has never let us down, not matter what our circumstances are.

You’re not Alone

There have been times that I thought he had abandoned me or that He thought too much of me, and I wished he would give me a break.  Thinking back to Megan’s 5th grade year and my journey in advocating for advocating for her needs at school, we had hit a particular rough patch in the road, and I was angry at what I was hearing and frustrated that I was not getting the job done. When I finally quieted down, I prayed as hard as I could to ask what he wanted me to do.  I  had to re-center myself in Jesus. After all, He had set me on this path years before and had always given the guidance we needed.   And he did again here. We were reminded that everyone was at the table for mega

The place I had found myself in was uncomfortable and scary, but it was where He needed me to be. It was not a wasted place in the journey; it was on purpose and it turned out to be the turning point in our relationship with the school district. We learned how to see each other’s point of view and find solutions together. God reminded me that he never abandons us.

So, today is a rough patch in the road. In this season of our lives where we uncertain again about how this things will turn and where our road will lead us,  remember that God is your Joy. He is always here to show us that He has us where we need to be for Him right now.  Things will be okay.

 Be Joyful

We are never without Joy if we walk with Him.  What struggles are you dealing with? Do you feel lost sometimes also?  Wherever you are in your journey and whatever you feel you may be loosing, remember that no one can take God from your heart, and as long as God is with you, you will always have Joy in your life!

So, my wish is that you all Re-Gospel yourselves today and that all of you have Joy in your lives!

God Bless You!


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