Latest Design Trends for 2021

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What a year 2020 turned out to be! It brought about a lot of changes in many aspects of life, with one big change being how much more time we spend in our homes. And this is one change that has come with us into 2021. We are much more attuned to how we live in our homes and what we need from them more than ever before. It has driven many of the new design trends you will see in 2021. I am going to share with you what big trends I see coming at us this year.

First, let’s talk about the ones that are directly born from the pandemic.

Home Office

The most obvious trend, the home office. We have all been forced to work more from home than ever before. Both adults or kids are all learning that working from the kitchen table is not a long term solution to this extended period of time that many of us are now in. And more companies are realizing that more jobs can be done from home that had been thought before. In turn, this has created a need for true working home offices, not just a room with a pretty desk set in front of bookcase dressed with pretty trinkets.

interior design, home office, work from home, desk, gray cabinets, lighting, chandelier, pink, animal print, sconces
This elegant home office marries transitional with rustic styles and offers storage galore. Interior by Terravista Interior Design

Less Open Floorplans

We all loved our wide open floor plans until we were all stuck at home together all day, every day. We quickly realized that the plans that worked so beautifully for socializing together didn’t function so well for working and schooling from home at the same time. Having the ability to close of a space to be more private have become a huge necessity with the way we live now. We don’t want to have choppy floor plans like we used to have, but we want to be able to slide doors shut for separation of space when appropriate.

interior design, trends, living room, dining room, white, sofa, glass, sliding, doors, transitional
These glass sliding doors create a good partition between the living room and dining spaces. Falchi Interiors

Quiet Rooms

A trend that is a spin off the the less open floor plan from above, is the concept of a quiet room. Sometimes, we just need to get away from everyone and everything. The idea of carving out a space just for us, whether it’s a whole room dedicated to prayer, yoga, or whatever it is that makes you feel more relaxed, or a small quiet nook in a cozy corner of the house, has become more desirable than every before.

interior design, blue, chaise, traditional, transitional, trends
This quiet room by RCLInteriors feels like the perfect tranquil spot to unwind.

Now, lets discuss the other trends coming in 2021

Wood Tones in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Wood tones are back, and I am thrilled! The organic feeling of natural wood tones in the home brings a warmth like no other. Pairing it with the white and painted cabinets in our kitchens and baths brings a homey and classic feeling to any space.

interior design, bathroom, powder room, cabinet, vanity, wood, hardware, gray, tile, white, wall, brass, gold
A wood tone vanity adds warmth to the white and gray color scheme. A Well Dressed Home Interiors

Blue is a Neutral

Blue has been a trending color in design for so long that it has become a neutral color all on its own. And why not when you consider the psychology of the color blue. It invokes feelings of calm and relaxation, cleanliness, and trust; all words that embody how we want our homes to support us everyday.

interior design, blue, white chairs, floor lamp, trends, sitting nook
The blues walls created the perfect back drop for a little sitting area to curl up and read a book. Interior by Terravista Interior Design Group

Color, Color, Color

Color is back! We are ready for more than just white walls and neutral color schemes in our homes. And not just one color is the new hot trend. We are embracing all colors, and I am so happy to see it!

interior design, color, rug, drapes, curtains, family room, living room
This family room balances color with neutrals for a cozy atmosphere. Interior by Terravista Interior Design

Sconces by the Cooktop

Here’s one I have been watching closely the past few months on instagram. It is a design trend that has been slowly popping up more and more on my feed. When I mention it, most people look at me like I’m crazy, but then when they pay more attention, they see it, too. How about you, have you noticed this new trend?

kitchen, sconces, interior design, trends, lighting, cooktop, marble, traditional, decorating, transitional
These chrome sconces are the perfect compliment to the marble backsplash. Image via The Colorado Nest

I am excited to see how these new trends evolve in the coming months within our homes. Have any of them inspired you to make a change in your home? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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