Many of you have been asking for creative ways to use large pendants in your home.  You are looking for more ideas other than the usual suspects.


First, let me say I am glad it is goodbye small pendants; hello large pendants!  The days of the ditzy pendants over islands are gone, and I have to say I’m glad.  I was never crazy about the busy look of scrawny fixtures handing from the ceiling breaking up our rooms.  The larger pendants visually ground a space better and can add wonderful drama where needed.

So let’s get down to business.  We all know the obvious places to use pendants – entry ways, dining rooms, and islands.  However, let’s be more creative in our ways and uses for them; let’s expand your horizons.  There are rules for hanging lighting, but with the scale of some of these fixtures, you can have some fun and break a couple rules.  🙂  Here are some new places and new ideas for using large pendants in your rooms.


Large Pendants For your Kitchen Island


No, this isn’t a new spot but these are new ways you can hang pendants over the island.  Aidan Gray is one of our absolute favorite new vendors for lighting and antique furniture reproductions.  The use of these different shaped pendants from the same collection over an island is a great focal point.

Photo via Aiden Gray Home


Instead of spacing them out in a perfectly measured line over your island, try clustering a group of the large pendants together.

Photo via


Over the Kitchen Sink


Tired of the usual recessed can light over the sink? Make washing your dishes less of a chore with a pretty pendant over your head.  The dishes don’t have to be the only things that sparkle when you are done!

Photo via Aiden Gray Home


More Drama for the Dining Room


Instead of lamps, think about hanging large pendants over your dining room sideboard or credenza.   It leaves more space for serving when you are entertaining!

Photo via Classic Home


Who says you can only have one light fixture over your dining room table?

Photo via Pinterest



Living Room Lighting


I personally love the idea of using large pendants in the place of floor lamps in the corners of rooms.  Look how this fills the space beautifully without overpowering the room.  It complements the art perfectly.

Photo via Aidan Gray Home


And why not put a pendant over your coffee table? Talk about a conversation starter .  🙂

Photo via Lonny



Light up Your To Do List Better


Two pendants can be better than one when getting your work done.


Tired of Sconces Over Your Bathroom Sink

You have more options than just  sconces or the stripe lights over your bathroom mirror.  Just be careful what you choose because you will see double what you actually have.  The pendants below are perfect because they are transparent so they don’t get busy when reflected in the mirrors.

Photo via Pinterest


Add Drama in Your Bedroom

Have you thought about hanging pendants over your nightstand?  No, it isn’t a new idea, but it is definitely a tip worth repeating.  It is a great solution when you have small nightstands and need surface space for other things.  The large pendants used in this master bedroom not only leave the night stands free for other items, but they also give the bed more presence.

Photo via Houzz


Large pendants are very versatile and so fun to play with different ways you can use them in your spaces.  Do you have have any other ideas for how to use them at home?  Post your ideas in the comments below; we’d love to hear them!    ?

Designer Tip:  Make sure when hanging a light fixture in your home in an area that did not have one originally, or was a can light, you will need to get the area blocked properly in the ceiling so it will support the weight of your fixture.

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