How to Update Your Classic Thanksgiving Table

The easiest way to update your classic Thanksgiving table top is start with neutral dishes. From there, you can add different accent plates to the setting.
A classic Thanksgiving table setting with plates and pumpkins on it.

Thanksgiving is next week, can you believe it! I have to admit, every holiday, birthday, and anniversary since we started Terravista has snuck up on me. I like to think of myself as a planner, but I have fallen down on the job in this arena recently. And now, Thanksgiving is pretty much here, and my table is not ready.

I have had the itch to update my dishes for awhile, but never took the time to do it. My dishes are Mikasa French Countryside, they are simple and classic, and can be dressed up or down, which is why I chose them.

How to Update Your Classic Thanksgiving Table 1
#thanksgivingtablescape #whitedishes

The easiest way to update a classic set of dishes, if they are neutral, is by adding different accent plates to the setting. A month ago, I started getting catalogs with holiday table scapes came on the cover, and it reminded me that I wanted to get new salad plates.

Well, I got busy with life and work, and I forgot to order them until this week. I was so excited to order my plates and was fully prepared to pay a shipping premium to get them in time for Thanksgiving. BUT, I was able to find the ones I wanted on Amazon Prime. Yay!

About 10 years ago, I saw the Spode Woodland pattern for the first time at Roberts China. Brown transfer ware is a favorite of mine; add animals and I was sold. However, I am terrible at spending money on myself, so I didn’t buy them. But, they are a timeless pattern, and they make me happy. Amazon had two of my favorite animals available in Prime, the pheasant and the bunny, so I bought six of the pheasant and two of the bunnies. I eventually want enough for 12 settings, mostly with the pheasant, and then three more animals mixed in, the bunny, fox and dog.

This is what they look like, in case you aren’t familiar with them.

thanksgiving, tablescape, dishes, spode, dinner
#thanksgiving #tablescape #spode
thanksgiving, tablescape, dishes, spode, dinner
#thanksgiving #tablescape #spode

So, I find myself falling in love with two classic patterns of dishes, and on top of that, my paternal grandma handed down the the family silver to me. I told Barry that I married him because his last name started with the right letter, “M”, so I could inherit the family silver! Ha! Isn’t it beautiful….

thanksgiving, tablescape , silver update
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What I did not want, was for my Thanksgiving table to look old fashioned. So, how do you keep your classic, traditional elements from creating a dated table setting?

Here is how I created a beautiful Thanksgiving table scape that is current and timeless.

Decide What Your Goal is for Your Table Scape

First, you have to know what style you want your table top to be. Is it formal or casual? Do you want it to be farmhouse, glamorous, transitional, or contemporary? Once you know what your desired effect is, it is easier to create a plan to get it there.

Classic, Neutral Plates

Make sure that your dinner plates are a simple, neutral pattern and color. A set of good basic dishes is an investment that will last for years and is the perfect foundation to build on.

Accent Salad Plates or Bowls

You can have fun collecting pretty salad plates and bowls in different patterns and colors. They help you vary your table for the different holidays, themed dinner parties, and show off your personality. It’s also a great way to keep your table up to date without investing in a whole new set of dishes!

Determine Your Centerpiece

Your centerpiece is the focal point of the table; it sets the tone and makes a statement.

Here are some examples of different fabulous centerpiece ideas for your table.

table, magnolia leaves, candles, tablescape
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dining, room, traditional, update, white
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transtional, traditional, white, gold, candle, table, scape
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table, scape, gold, white
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My Updated and Classic Thanksgiving Table

This is how my table scape turned out 🙂

spode, thanksgiving, table scape
#thanksgiving #tablescape

My inspiration was ,obviously, the new Spode Woodland salad plates. But I didn’t want my table to be that formal this year, and I wanted a more neutral scheme. My white plates were perfect to tone done the colorful salad plates.

spode, thanksgiving, table scape
#thanksgiving #spodewoodland

What would be my centerpiece? I had found mini white and white and gold pumpkins at Kroger earlier this year that I had scattered around the house. They were perfect to put in the large dough bowl I bought at Round Top last fall. I softened the piece by intertwining a simple green garland between the pumpkins. Last, I found some gold candlesticks with ivory tapers to place around the dough bowl.

white, pumpkins, brass, candles,  thanksgiving, table scape
#thanksgiving #centerpiece #whitepumpkins

The place setting needed to “talk to” the centerpiece. So, I used some wood looking chargers to repeat the texture of the dough bowl and echo the woodland theme of the salad plates. They were also a great contrast and compliment to the family silver. And, voila, my updated and timeless Thanksgiving table scape! I am pretty excited about how it turned out this year. 🙂

spode, thanksgiving, table scape, spode, woodland
#thanksgiving #placesetting #spodewoodland

I hope this helped to give some fellow procrastinators out there some help and inspiration for your own fabulous holiday table this year. We would love to see some of your own Thanksgiving tables in the comments below!

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