Color Trends: Bold is Back in 2018!

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Let’s talk color trends because bold is back in 2018!  Have you noticed more vibrant colors and intricate patterns are making their way back into our homes again?   I for one am thrilled!  Don’t get me wrong – I adore neutrals and they are necessary for a classic foundation to a room.  But how many people do you know with a beige personality?  Not many.   Your home should reflect your own unique colorful personality!  So, let’s take a look at some of the exciting ways color will be influencing the world of interior design in 2018…



Colorful Kitchens

While classic white isn’t going anywhere, so don’t worry, many of you are getting tired of seeing it everywhere and ready to see more spice in your kitchens.  Adding some more color can add a personal touch and also help to make cooking-related stains and damage less obvious.  Expect to see other neutrals like blue and gray.

Color Trends: Bold is Back in 2018! 1
Courtesy House Beautiful


Warm wood tones are also making a comeback, giving a richer, more sophisticated space.

Color Trends: Bold is Back in 2018! 3
Courtesy Pinterest



 Black is Back  

Look for matte black finishes to show up more in your kitchen and bathrooms.  It is a tough and durable finish that makes a statement.  You will see it in finishes for fixtures, appliances, and accessories.  The bathroom below shows how Moen has embraced the trend.

Color Trends: Bold is Back in 2018! 5
Courtesy Pinterest


Black isn’t just for your accents either. Don’t be afraid of a black room; there is nothing more dramatic then painting a room black.  And it is oh so elegant and sexy.

Color Trends: Bold is Back in 2018! 7
Courtesy Pinterest



Sofas are Getting a Punch of Drama

Are you more daring in your design approach and not afraid of color.  Maybe giving your sofa a makeover is the answer for you!  Now, if your design budget doesn’t allow you to replace a major investment piece like a sofa every 3-5 years, maybe you modify the trend and put the color on your chairs instead.  But this definitely solves the two design dilemmas – focal point and adding color. Blue and green would be a great place to start because they can still be fairly neutral colors to work with.

Color Trends: Bold is Back in 2018! 9
Design by Alice Lane Interiors


Color Trends: Bold is Back in 2018! 11
Courtesy Robert Allen Fabrics




Welcome back floral!  We all saw it in our clothing in 2017.  But it isn’t the traditional floral of old.  We are talking big, bold, graphic florals.

Color Trends: Bold is Back in 2018! 13
Wall Mural – Vase of Flowers by de Heem can be


Color Trends: Bold is Back in 2018! 15
Courtesy Callista via KBIS18

Are you inspired to add some color to your home?  Which one are you most excited to try?


If you aren’t sure which one is right for you, or just need a second set of eyes on a design dilemma, check out our variety of consultation services.  We would love to meet you and see what you have going on! ?

Meanwhile – happy decorating!


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