5 Big Outdoor Trends for 2018

I am loving the new summer trends this year for creating outdoor spaces that look and function like your family room inside. 

We have been dying to update our outdoor patio area for a long time.  We enjoy spending time outdoors relaxing while sipping on a glass of wine, grilling, and spending time together.  What we have is functional but not inviting and relaxing like we would prefer.

Needless to say, I have been spending a lot of time daydreaming on Pinterest and pouring through the home shopping magazines looking for the perfect outdoor inspirations for our patio. I believe that your outdoor living space should be a continuation of your indoor living space.  So, I am loving the new trends this year for creating outdoor spaces that look and function like your family room inside.  I thought I would share some of my favorite outdoor trends for 2018 with you in case you have the same itch to scratch! 🙂

Outdoor Floors 

Let’s start with first things first, what’s under your feet. I have always had a soft spot for pavers and natural stones, so I am excited to see them making a come back outdoors.  Their irregularities and imperfections bring a natural,homey element to spaces.  You will see them in the same warm, natural palettes that we are using indoors rather than the white tones that are not as durable and family friendly.

Summer- outdoor-trends-2018-limestone - pavers - patio-furniture
Patio with Large Scale Limestone Pavers

Outdoor Fire Features 

If I could, I’d have a fireplace in every room of my house. So, I am over the moon to find fireplaces in almost every outdoor living space you come across!  They are a natural gathering spot and can extend the amount of time you spend outdoors.  You could also hang art or a TV over it, just like you would inside.


Summer-trends-outdoor - 2018 - fireplace - TV - limestone - furniture
Living Space with Fireplace


Living Room Style Outdoor Furniture

The three main qualities people are looking for in outdoor furniture is how comfortable, attractive, and sturdy is it – usually in that order.  Sounds like the same criteria you are looking for when furnishing the inside of your home, especially rooms that you entertain and live in the most.  So, it’s not surprising to see trend for living room – worhty outdoor furniture.  You just can’t get comfortable in a weather beaten wicker or rusty metal patio chair.


Summer-outdoor-trends-2018-Lee-Industries-furniture-white -chairs
LEE Industries Dining Furniture


Summer - Outdoor - trends - 2018 - furniture - living room - neutral
Summer Patio Living Room

Colorful Fabrics are Back Outdoors 

Because we are looking for more living room style furnishings for our outdoor spaces, we are also looking for more options in colors and patterns in hard wearing, weather resistant fabrics.  The biggest color trend by far is blue.  But you are also seeing some pink, greens, and Asian inspired patterns and flowers too.

Kali by Frontgate


Summer - outdoor - trends - 2018 - furniture-fabrics - asian
Emerson by Frontgate


Outdoor Textures of Teak, Wicker, and Rope

You may have seen hints of the 70’s coming back .  To be honest with you, I am very skeptical of this incoming trend because there are many things that I firmly believe should stay in the 70s like bell bottoms, hippies,  and lacy wicker furniture.  However, elements are definitely making a come back like rope, teak, and yes, wicker.  I am happy to see that it is cleaned up with more modern lines.

Outdoor, trends, teak, black, lounge, chaise
Avondale by Summer Classics


Summer-outdoor-trends-2018-serena and lily - day bed - wicker
Capistrano Day Bed by Serena and Lily


Summer-outdoor-trends-2018-hanging planters - Anthroplogy
Hand Painted Hanging Planters by Anthropology


If you’re dying to create an outdoor living space to relax and entertain in, but it sounds too overwhelming to put together yourself, we would love to help! Book your complimentary discovery call.   We can talk about your project and see how we can serve you and your family!


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