7 Ideas to Decorate Your Curved Stairs

Curved stairs are fun and dramatic, but they can be hard to decorate. Here are 7 ideas to help you decorate your curved stair way.
stairs-curved-mill work-architectural - molding- white-carpet-entryway-wood-chandelier-white

Curved stairs make me think of Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind.  They are dramatic and romantic and most us envision making grand entrances and gorgeous Christmas trees.

I love working on projects with a curved stairway because they have so much potential.  But it is usually one of the first questions a client asks on a design consultation.  And they can be a bit daunting if you aren’t sure what to do with them.

I thought it would be fun explore different ways to dress up, or down, curved stairs.

Leave the curved wall alone

You may not need to do anything with it.  Sometimes the architecture of the space and lines of your stairs are enough the way they are.   Or, your entry way around the stairs may be decorated to be the focal point and the stairs would be best left alone.

For example,the gorgeous curved white stair way below is stunning in it’s simplicity.


7 Ideas to Decorate Your Curved Stairs 1
Jennifer Lopez Entry – Laura Resen Photography 



Wallpaper is versatile and comes in any style and color to fit your home. It adds subtle elegance to the stairs featured below.


7 Ideas to Decorate Your Curved Stairs 3
Designed by Carla Aston  


Murals are a gorgeous way to add visual depth to a curved stair well.  They are perfectly suited to a landscape, because they don’t have sharp corners to stop the flow of the design.

7 Ideas to Decorate Your Curved Stairs 5
Gorgeous Wall Mural – Image via Pinterest – Artist unknown



By adding mill work to your stair ways,  you are adding interest and dimension to the walls with architectural detail that fills up the walls without getting cluttered.

7 Ideas to Decorate Your Curved Stairs 7
Beautiful Millwork on curved stairway – Designer Melanie Turner

Gallery Wall 

Gallery walls are a fun idea for your stair way, and it works well with a curved wall because the art used is typically not too wide.

7 Ideas to Decorate Your Curved Stairs 9
Stairs with a Gallery Wall – Image Via Pinterest – Designer Unknown

Family Portraits 

Why not hang your family portraits?  This entry way featured their family pictures in a clever way on their stairs!

7 Ideas to Decorate Your Curved Stairs 11
Family Portraits – Kristen Duke Photography

Wall Sconces 

Wall sconces are a great solution for a curved stairway, because they are available in different sizes, shapes, and styles.  They can add light and character.

Longtail Wall Sconces – Villa De La Torre


I hope this gave you some inspiration for decorating your curved stairs.  But if you still need help, let us save you time, money, and stress!  Book your complimentary discovery call.   We can talk about your project and see how we can serve you and your family!



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