3 Important Tips for Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors are wonderful for decorating with. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and styles which makes them versatile and fun to use. In today’s blog, I wanted to share 3 things to think about when using mirrors in your home.
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Mirrors are wonderful for decorating with.  They come in many different sizes, shapes, and styles which makes them versatile and fun to use.

They can be used for many different reasons.  You can use a mirror simply for the function of getting ready to go somewhere, or maybe you need to brighten a room or make it feel bigger.  And maybe you just love the mirror you found and have to use it somewhere!

In today’s blog,  I wanted to share 3 things to think about when using them in your home.

What is Your Mirror Reflecting?  

The first question to ask yourself is whether you will be reflecting something you want to see again.  If it is opposite a window, it might reflect harsh sun glare back in your eyes or on a tv screen.  This could be remedied with a window treatment. If the window is at a second story level, it may be something you can’t control.  Or, the mirror may reflect a pretty piece of art or furniture on the opposite wall or space. Whatever it will be opposing, be sure to consider if it is something you want to repeat.

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Is Your mirror the Proper Scale?

A come design mistake made when hanging wall decor is using a piece that is the wrong size.  Remember the rule of odd numbers when decorating your space. It should be 2/3 the width of the wall it is hanging on, or the furniture it is hanging over.  

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What is the Right Height to Hang Your Mirror?

You should always hang wall decor on a wall where the center is at eye level.  And that means for the average height person.   For Example, I am only 5′ and if I hung mine at my own eye level, most people would be looking down slightly at themselves.  A good guide is to hang with the center point being  60″ – 65″  from the floor. 

 If it is going to be part of a vignette, ie, over a sofa or chest, it may need to be higher or lower.  You want to be sure that everything creating the vignette is a cohesive unit, meaning you don’t want you mirror to feel like it is floating away from the furniture that is supposed to be anchoring it.  In this case, hang the bottom of the mirror  2″ – 4″ from the top of furniture.  

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Below are some images to help you visualize what I am talking about in the blog.

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This grouping of large mirrors help bring more light into the space. Candice Olson’s Highland House Collection

If you are feeling overwhelmed with your design project, let us help save you time and stress with our organized and client oriented design process.  Call us to book your complimentary Discovery call where can talk about your project and figure out what service is best for you.  🙂

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